Mrs. Fredrich-Kihm

Mrs. Fredrich-Kihm

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What is your most effective practice to punish pupils?

Well, with punishment I have my problems because I don’t think that is absolutely necessary. When there are problems or conflicts I like talking about it to find out the reason why he / she misbehaved. I think talking and finding a way to avoid it is the best way.

What was your best moment as a teacher?

Oh well, I think it was two or three years ago when we had graduation-time. The students always make it a big event. That time they prepared their graduation-ball and invited me to it. The nice idea was that they wanted to give me a lift but actually I didn’t really want a lift at that time. Nevertheless,  I felt they wanted me to go with them and the surprise was that they had rented a very large, white stretched-limo. That was really nice – we cruised through Cuxhaven which was quite an experience in such a big car and they have really made a great surprise to me.

What’s your opinion about the exchange-program?

I think it’s a really good idea and every student should have the possibility to go abroad and take part in an exchange-programme, because this is the best way to learn the language.

What is your connection to the school’s exchange-programmes?

I have done some exchanges by myself for our students. For example, some years ago I went to the United States, Austin in Texas. For the past years, I have been organizing visits for students from abroad, so every year students come here to stay in families for two or three weeks.

Why do you think should a student take part in an exchange-programme to Cuxhaven?

I think Cuxhaven is a nice place. We have the beach and there are many sports activities. Surfing, kite surfing, horseback riding or swimming are only few examples which can be fun for the students. Moreover, we are very close to interesting places and towns,  which show German culture and history. Above all, we speak a German without an accent, which is a big advantage to other regions in Germany, where students from other countries have more difficulties to understand the language.

Does an exchange- student need to have a knowledge of the German language?

It would be helpful if he could communicate at least a little bit. But on the other hand we are very good at English here and so there shouldn’t be any serious language problems.

How long can a student stay in this school?

Well, if they come in a group, I think the regular time span is about two or three week. But on the other hand we have students who come here for a school term or a whole year. As you can see, we can offer multiple options.

Can an exchange student  get  a stay-certificate?

Oh yes, although we haven’t done this for our last group from Britain but the students from Switzerland and France got a report in the subjects they attended.  Of course, this is also possible for British pupils.