Comparison: present – past

Comparison: present – past

The right picture shows the school at 1909.

At the right hand side, you see the Abendrothstra├če in 1900, on the left hand side in 2010. The school can be seen in the background of each picture.

The physics rooms in 2010 and in 1904. Nowadays, we work with modern media like the “SmartBoard” (front of class).

The teacher’s rooms. Whereas the one from 1895 looks like a small chamber, the new one has a more comfortable atmosphere.

Our headmaster Mr. Just nowadays in his bureau and in 1988.

The school building, photographed from where the new part of the school, the science-rooms, are (right: from 1931).

A view from the back rows of the assembly hall, 2010 and 1905.

2010 – 1895