“School’s out“ usually doesn’t mean that all work is done in Germany. Most pupils have to do exercises when they come home. There are some who don’t care about them, but in most subjects you have to be serious about your homework if you do not want to fail.
There are different kinds of homework:

The “try these, they are just the same”- homework

This type is the easiest one. The pupils must do some tasks which repeat the things they learned in the lesson before. They are to exercise and remember the new methods.

The “copy that for your folder”- homework

This has NOTHING to do with learning or using a brain. The pupil has to draw a chart, a graph or an image from a book or worksheet. It is the most annoying type of homework, but luckily it is only for younger pupils.

The “read these pages for the next lesson”- homework

A pupil trying to do a "type 4"- homework

History teachers love this type. They want you to read about five to ten pages to prepare for the next lesson. Many pupils like this kind of task, because it is quite easy  to hide if they “forget” it.

The “here’s something completely new”- homework

Probably this is the most difficult type of homework. The pupils have to learn new methods, facts or formulas to succeed in their task. If they can’t, it’s not so bad, but if they manage to do it, glory and honor are waiting!

Depending on the types and the quantity of the homework a pupil has to do it takes between ten minutes and two hours to finish them. More than one has despaired while trying a “type 4″ homework over hours.