In general 25 students make up a class. Each class has a class teacher who is responsible for the organization and who is the contact person for parents and students.

This is the class teacher Mrs Richter-Barz. She teaches the class 5d.

Mrs Richter-Barz greets her class in the morning.

Every class has its own classroom. That is the reason why the teachers have to change the rooms between lessons and not the students.

The picture shows Mrs Richter-Barz and her class during the lesson.

Only science, music and art are taught in special rooms which are refitted with new equipment.

A German schedule provides that a class has a different range of subjects every day.

One lesson takes forty-five minutes. Afterwards the students have time to change rooms or to get prepared for the next lesson. Our students have time to eat lunch in the breaks after the second and the forth lessons.