The city centre

The city centre

This part is about the free time activities you can do in the city centre,especially the “Nordersteinstraße”, Cuxhaven‘s biggest shopping arcade. It is very close to the AAG, so it is a suitable place to go if you have still time because you are for example waiting for the bus or the train.

“Bali-Kino Center”

Here in one of the side streets of the Nordersteinstraße is also the “Bali-Kino Center”, which is mostly just called Bali-Kino. It is one of the oldest and biggest cinemas in Cuxhaven. In comparison with other cinemas it is only a middle sized cinema, but it is a very good alternate, if you don’t want to take the long way to go in one of the big cinemas at Hamburg or Bremen. It is also a good choice if you decide spontaneously to go to cinema.

“Da Dalto”

Da Dalto is a well-known ice cream parlour. The ice cream is very good and there arelots of sorts you can choose from. It is furnished very comfortably and there is also a partly covert terrace.

The “Stadtbibliothek”

A place which should be mentioned when talking about the city centre, is the library of Cuxhaven. Here you can borrow books or if books aren’t your first choice, you may look for other media like audio CDs, DVDs, PC games and so on.