Night life

Night life

“Das Bett”:

“Das Bett” is a pub close to our school which is very popular with students. It is always open up on Sunday. In addition to good music, it offers the possibility to pass the time  by playing table football or other things.

“Café Schnapp”:

Playing table football at the "Cafe Schnapp"

The Café Schnapp combines music and bar in one. It is a popular meeting place for students and teenagers of every age. This is why it offers various alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks and cocktails. Furthermore it provides an opportunity for regional and national artist to perform their music. Also it offers, from billiard to table football, many different things to spend time.

“Janssens Tanzpalast (JTP)”:

The Restaurant “Norddeutscher Hof”, a part of the “JTP”, was founded on 1558. One of the first discos in Germany was opened here. Quickly it became very famous and gets a multi-regional high profile. There are regional events, artist and several styles of music offered on four levels. Also a hotel and a restaurant, called “Norddeutscher Hof”, is attached to the disco.

The emblem of the JTP

Theme party at the JTP