Teams and study groups

Teams and study groups

German schools usually do not have any own sport teams like in American or British schools. But nevertheless there are some offerings for pupils like choirs and a vollyball group.


The Amandinis are the choir of the Amandus-Abendroth-Gymnasium. Pupils of 5th to 7th grade who are interesting in concerted singing and making music are invented to join the choir. On the program are folk songs and classic song as well as modern German or English songs. The results of the rehearsals are presented during the term on the school-festival, on the day of the alumni, to welcome the new 5th grade or in the Advent season. By now the choir exists for three years, so that there had been different of trips over the weekend in order to rehears together.

Aquarium AG:

In our school we have got two Aquariums. But there has to be someone to care for the fishes. So the Aquarium team was brought into being. In the breaks the members of the team meet in the aquarium-room cleaning the basins and feeding the fishes.


The DELF-AG is a study group which prepares the pupils for the DELF-test. DELF is the only both national and international accept certificate in French as an foreign language. Especially the oral and written communication is trained. In the last years nearly all pupils have reached their aims to get the DELF-certificate. Furthermore they could advance their performances in French-lessons.


Our school has an own school-band which plays on the school-festival or on the “Rock me Amandeus”. The cast varies from year to year. One of our Music-teachers attends to the school-band and helps them by their rehearsals and performances.

The school-band of 2007