Exchange programs

Exchange programs


Liceo Classico „Carlo Alberto”: 

The Liceo Classico “Carlo Alberto”, a school in the Italian town Novara, is a partner school of the Amandus-Abendroth Gymnasium since 2003. It evolved out of a “Comenius-Projekt”, an exchange program. Since then, the 9th grade Latin pupils of the Amandus-Abendroth Gymnasium do an exchange with Italian pupils of the Liceo Classico “Carlo Alberto” every year. The amount of pupils per exchange is limited to 15.


Collège Didier Daurat:

The Collège Didier Daurat in Saint Gaudens is the first of the two French partner schools of the Amandus-Abendroth-Gymnasium. The exchange established in the school-year 1994. Since then 12-20 pupils of grade 7-9 travel to France once a year.

Collège Sainte-Marie:

The Collège Sainte-Marie in Elven is the second of the two French partner schools of the Amandus-Abendroth-Gymnasium. This exchange took place first time in 1996. Every second year 35-50 pupils of 8th and 9th grade have the chance to gain insight into the French life.


The Amandus-Abendroth-Gymnasium has no official English partner school or exchange program. There are only once in a while some private exchanges by AAG pupils.

It is usual that the pupils of the school in the other country have the opportunity to visit our school and to live in the family of their exchange-partners.