Contests and challenges

Contests and challenges


Over the term there are lots of nationwide contests in which pupils can take part voluntarily.

National winner of Business@school

Business at school:

Since the school-year 2007/2008 our school participates in the business at school contest. It is organized by the consultancy The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). The intention to procure knowledge in economy should be achieved by studying on a concrete example. The challenge for the pupils of upper class is to present the results in front of a jury. That not only trains competences in research and giving a speech but also in teamwork. During the project which consists of three phases the pupils have to analyse a quoted company in the first phase, in the second phase a local company and the final assignment is to develop an own Business idea. This idea is presented on school, regional and European level.

Kangaroo of Mathematics:

The challenge of this test is to answer as much as possible of 30 mathematical tasks within 75 minutes. Over 500.000 pupils in Germany of 3rd to 12th grade participated in the challenges in the last years. At the end every participant gets a certificate and a little price. Winners of the test have the chance to visit an international Mathematic-camp or to carry off prizes like books or mathematical games.

Latin challenge: certamen ciceronem:

In honour of the Roman politician and speaker Marcus Tullius Cicero the Italian city Arpinas arranges an annual renowned contest. Each year circa 500 pupils of European schools who learn Latin are allowed to take part in the contest when they have won other contest or are recommended because of special performances. Our school, which now participates in the 9th year has evolved the tradition to send the two pupils of the upper class with high performances to Arpinas. The contest is connected with a cultural program such as the visit of the Benedictine abbey Monte Cassino. During the days of the contest which also attracts the interests of the media, the little native city of Cicero develops into the centre of latin-learning world. After the test which includes a translation and an interpretation are written and rectified by selected teachers the award ceremony is hold in public.


Award ceremony at the end of the contest