Bilingual profile

Bilingual profile


In 21st century the labour market expects people to be fluent in the English language and one opportunity to reach this is bilingual education.

Choosing this profile means to get educated in two languages; German on the one hand and English on the other hand.

The aim of bilingual education is to acquire near native competences in the use of the English language and to prepare for higher education.

In order to realize this, the amount of English lessons in fifth and sixth grade is raised by one to two lessons a year. After this time of preparation some subjects are taught in English, starting with history. The number of subjects being taught in English increases every year until four subjects, history, politics, physical education and arts, in the tenth grade.

Given that this makes high demands on the student. Only pupils who do well at primary school are able to choose the bilingual profile. But if a student chose it and cannot fulfil the demands he has the opportunity to change to the regular profile.

The bilingual class 5b with their teacher Mr. Klink