Festivals and tournaments

Festivals and tournaments


School festival:

Every year a few days before the summer break and the end of the schoolyear. At the School festival every class has it’s own booth where they can, e.g. sell cool drinks or some food. The money raised at the school festival is used for the school or for the class treasury.


View over the schoolyard



Sport festival:

On the Sport festival, which is once or twice a year, the different classes compete against each other in different kind of sports depending on the grade e.g. the 8th and the 9th grade play basketball. Sometimes if the weather is fine the festival can be arranged at the beach. Beside of this festival the school has no official sport team.

Job Information Day:

On the Job Information Day, which is every year in our school, pupils from the 9th to 11th grade have the opportunity to get information about the work life first hand. At the Job Information Day are 30-40 people with different jobs who wait for the pupils to ask them something about their job.

Rock me Amandeus:

The Rock me Amandeus is a by the pupil representation organized rockconcert. It takes place since 2005 in a sport hall. Local bands play their songs to entertain the audience. The genres of the bands are rock, heavy metal, punk rock and scar. Lots of pupils help voluntarily to set up the concert.


One day every year the pupils have a free day with their tutors. They can spent the day on the beach or visit the zoo or do some other activities.